Saturday, 6 October 2012

Birthday Presents

So happy! Just got a bunch of new books yesterday, and I thought I would share them with you here! Thanks to my wonderful friends for these awesome birthday presents! You guys always understand and share my love for books, they are the best presents ever! XD

So, these are the books I got from my dear friends:

Storm and Spark (and short novella Elemental) from the Elemental series as well as The Night Circus! I really wanted to read that book! (It came with a Glow In the Dark bookmark too XP)

And look what came in my mailbox two days ago!

I won this hardcover copy of Grave Mercy in a Giveaway from Lisa over at A Casual Reader's Blog. Many thanks to her for this book! I've already got started into a few pages of this book.

Anyway, I've got more books on their way, but here are the new additions to my shelf this week :)


  1. OMG!!! You got The Night Circus! OMGOMGOMG!! I flipping love that book and i hope you do as well! <3333

    1. Haha Sure sounds like an enthusiastic recommendation :D I'll get on to reading it soon! I hope I'll like it too :)