Friday, 22 June 2012

My writing

I really like reading and so I have started writing a story myself. I would love it if you could spend a tiny bit of your time reading it and drop me some comments :) I hope you will enjoy it!

It's called Hell's Fire, and you can go to the page by clicking here. Here's a short blurb about the story:

Kat is not normal, she has never felt normal. Living only with her Healer mother  in a large stone mansion in the country certainly doesn't help. She has always seen shadows, things that her friends would never see. And she doesn't know why, doesn't know the truth. But one day, it all changed, the un-crossable boundary has been crossed and Kat is torn away from every familiarity she knew about the world, because it isn't the same world, not anymore. The New World is full of the Shadows and strange realms, will she survive? Who can she trust? Who is the handsome boy who maybe saved her life? If she is entrusted with the most important task there is for that world, will she succeed?

This is a story about a Shadow World and a girl who is tied to both the Shadow World and the Human World, who is going to be entrusted with  an enormous task. 

I will be updating the story regularly and put up more chapters. If you like it, please like it on Goodreads at

Thanks!! Enjoy! :D 

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