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So, this is where you will find my writing. I’m writing two stories at the moment, but only one is moving fast enough (as in my writing speed) for me to post up here. You can find them under this page’s title up the top of the menu by their book titles. I’ll do a little introduction here for the first one. I promise I will work on it regularly and post regularly and get the second one up soon, so please please stay tuned :)  I hope you will enjoy it!

     Hell's Fire

Kat is not normal, she has never felt normal. Living only with her Healer mother in a large stone mansion in the country certainly doesn’t help. She has always seen shadows, things that her friends would never see. And she doesn’t know why, doesn’t know the truth. But one day, it all changed, the un-crossable boundary has been crossed and Kat is torn away from every familiarity she knew about the world, because it isn’t the same world, not anymore. The New world is full of the Shadows and strange realms, will she surive? Who could she trust? Who is the handsome boy who maybe saved her life? If she is entrusted with the most important task there is for that world, will she succeed?
This is a story about a shadow world and a girl who is tied to both the shadow world and the human world who is going to be entrusted with an enormous task. To read this story, Click on the Title and it will take you there :)

   The hunt and Seek

Could dreams mean something? Something dark and hunting and is destinied to be? Daffodil always had these dreams, and they felt so real. But she couldn’t tell them to anyone. How could she? Who would believe her? She didn’t feel like she fitted in, despite of everyway she tried to be normal, she herself felt that there is another side to herself she was yet to discover. Then one day, her dream came true. She was running in the way she always had in her dreams, and towards a whole new life that would be hers…
This is the second story I am writing. I know, as usual my description/summary sucks… but the actual story is not!!! Please read and follow!! :) Click on the Title and it will take you there to the story :)

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